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Where can i find carbon cloth? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I am a PhD student from Greece, and i want to build an MFC.Can you please help me to find flexible carbon cloth with Pt catalyst and with wet proofing? Almost all papers refer to E-Tek  as their supplier ,but this company no longer produces carbon cloth.



MFCs cost PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 May 2009
Do we have any idea what MFCs cost on a per-watt basis? I know that thin-film solar panels are approaching $1 per watt. I'm interested in the comparison. I understand that MFCs still have a long way to go.

Why doesn't methane form in a MFC ? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 May 2009


 I am a studnet doing some research on MFCs. I came across the process and found that anaerobic digestion takes place in the anode chamber.

 My question is does methane form in the anode chamber like in usual anaerobic digestion by methanogenesis. If not, then why ?

 Also if methane is a product in MFC too, then does it simply mean that MFCs are better than conventional Anaerobic Digestors.

Why is everyone talking only about the hydrogen produced not even mentioning about methane ? 

 Thanks in advance for the help.


Electrode material in India PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 May 2009

Hi, I am interested in constructing a two chambered MFC with locally available material. 

Can anyone help me regarding some suppliers in India for carbon paper and carbon cloth for electrode material?

I have been unable to get any so far. all websites point to suppliers in US or elsewhere. Anyone in India or is US the only hope? Thanks a lot for the help!!  

Examples of student MFC projects PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Newspaper releases and tutorials

Identification of Benthic Microbes Utilizing Bioremediation and Microbial Fuel Cells, Abbie Groff, Conastoga Valley High School,  Newspaper release - pdf (295 kb). Abbie won the Lancaster county grand prize for her project.

Harvesting Energy from Wastewater in a 2-Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell - pdf (442 kb), Sikandar Porter-Gill, Gaithersburg High School

Design of a Single Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell - pdf (1.40 mb), Eric A. Zielke, Humboldt State University

Probabilistic Analysis of a Monod-type equation by use of a single chamber Microbial Fuel Cell - pdf (374kb), Eric A. Zielke, Humboldt State University

Application of Microbial Fuel Cell technology for a Waste Water Treatment Alternative - pdf (1021kb), Eric A. Zielke, Humboldt State University

Thermodynamic Analysis of s single chamber Microbial Fuel Cell - pdf (707kb), Eric A. Zielke, Humboldt State University

Numerical Analysis of a one dimensional Diffusion Equation for a single chamber Microbial Fuel Cell using a Linked Simulation Optimization (LSO) technique - pdf (924), Eric A. Zielke, Humboldt State University


Have you built a MFC yourself? Send us your photos, website, or other information and we will post it on the website ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )!

09042009166 (Medium).jpg
09042009168 (Medium).jpg
27042009128 (Medium).jpg
27042009134 (Medium).jpg

Salt bridge PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 March 2009
What are the compositions of the salts and agar used in making of salt bridge in two chambered microbial fuel cell?

Small MCFs and electrode material? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 March 2009

Has anyone successfully built small MFCs?  Were stack configurations investigated?

Also what are the best materials for electrodes?

 This would all be done under continous flow and with waste water.


How to decide the size of electrode and PEM in MFC? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 February 2009

Hi,I am a student on MFC. I want to know how to decide the size of electrode and PEM in MFC  and the chamber size? And what relations ?between the performance of MFC and the sizes of parameters?


Advancement and efficiency of MFC's PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 February 2009
Hello, I am only 15 but I recently heard of MMFC's and BESs, and would like to know how far this technology can be used in day to day use. How efficencent and what energy yield percentages can we expect from from MFC's and how much if any pollution will it produce? As a energy source is it comparable to other alternative energy sources? And finally how soon can we expect to see these Prototypes such as the E. Coli MFC become a reality? Thank you for your time. Sam

Scaled up MFCs PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 February 2009


What examples of scaled up microbial fuel cells are currently available?    How big?


I am interested in using MFC's in a Brewery waste stream.

Dr. David Simpson

Pilot plant PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 February 2009

We read with interest of the new MFC pilot plant in Australia and was wondering whether anyone would be interested in implementing this type of plant in Italy, in a waste plant.

I'll be grateful for suggestions


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