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Lenin Babu, M. and Venkata Mohan, S. (2012), "Influence of graphite flake addition to sediment on electrogenesis in a sediment-type fuel cell.", Bioresource Technology, 110: 206–213.

Graphite flakes at levels of 5%, 15%, 20% and 40% (weight per sediment volume) were added to lake bed sediment and electrogenesis in a sediment-type fuel cell was evaluated. Addition of graphite flakes by 20% to the sediment showed higher electrogenic activity of the fuel cell (578 mV; 0.37 mW) compared to control (304 mV; 0.26 mW). Further increment in the graphite loading showed a negative influence on the fuel cell behavior. A higher energy and capacitance were recorded with 20% addition of graphite flakes compared to the control. Increase in the exchange current density and decrease in the Tafel slope and electron transfer coefficient was observed with addition of graphite flakes. Apparent surface coverage analysis also supported the higher performance upon addition of 20% graphite flakes. The relative increase in the conductivity of bed due to addition of graphite flakes might be the reason for observed electrogenic activity. Marginal variation in the substrate utilization (CODR- 50–55%) was observed with the addition of graphite flakes. By adding an optimum level of graphite flakes to sediment influences the fuel cell performance.

Lake sediment; Microbial fuel cell; Tafel slope analysis; Bioelectricity; Wastewater

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